juliet ness
falling in love: in the beginning it started with a simple look, a handful of gestures and a number being slipped in the pocket of a powerful figure. robert pullman, a powerful man who was rising in the ranks of the united states government, was smitten with the beautiful young french-Vietnamese waitress serving him. dark hair, bright eyes and slender figure; she was remarkable in every single way. she barely spoke a word of english, but she smiled when he would tell her she was beautiful or remark upon how extraordinary her eyes were. the rare coloring, the way they lit up when she smiled and robert pullman knew that she was everything he was looking for. until, she became pregnant. robert left her, ditching her in paris as she tried to cope with the very idea of raising her daughter. nine months after she was born, anna phan took her own life and left juliet phan without a home. she was placed in foster care, with the idea that no one would want her until an old family friend of the pullman's appeared; edward ness, adopted the young girl and took her back to the states with him.

raising a family: edward ness did all he could to give the new member of his family the life she deserved. by the age of five she started to ask questions, wondering who her mother was and if she still loved her. he couldn't bring himself to admit that the young girl's mother committed suicide because of her fear of being unable to raise the darling girl. instead, he lied to her. explaining to her that her mother loved her with all her heart, but she couldn't be there for her. so, she left juliet with edward in hope of giving her a good life. as juliet grew older, wiser she knew that the man she called her father only loved her, hoping that she would learn to deal with the trauma that came with her past.

addiction to adderall: during the age of sixteen, juliet ness progressed rather quickly through school. she was a perfectionist, wanting everything to perfect and take every class she could to get into the school of her dreams. not knowing that this was a path that would lead her into the direction of a common drug called adderall. an addiction quickly formed, creating a dependence upon it. edward had little knowledge of this until he realized that his daughter was barely sleeping, though she was wide awake. she would complete tasks so quickly, earn higher than average grades. upon the day before she was too graduate, she was caught with a bottle of adderall and her life changed forever.

ruined future: edward could barely look at her as soon as the news hit him. not knowing what to do, he contacted robert pullman in hopes that the man could pull some strings to get juliet into a rehab facility that could help her. robert made good on his promise, learning now that he had a daughter in the world; he grew upset that edward had hidden her from him. she was sent to california, there she was placed in a facility catered not to the rich and powerful, but for those who need the help. juliet felt out of place, the people in these facilities were drug addicts, abusers and some had even murdered before. she didn't want to be there any longer than she had too. then her perspective changed, she met harper roy.

giving her heart out: he gave her hope, a dream that maybe her life wasn't so bad anymore. they connected on a deeper level and it was safe to say that juliet fell head over heels for him. by the time they were out, they stuck together like glue to plastic. she enjoyed his company, his laugh and the way he would smile only in her direction. everything was wonderful, almost out of a fairy-tale but she knew it wouldn't last. she wanted to do something with her life. not to be known as the girl who was addicted adderall. with him in her life, she wanted to do better for herself. until she peed on a white stick, and two pink lines appeared dead center. she was pregnant.

having a child: liam roy was born, making her desire and need to better herself all that more important. he became the light of her life, in all sense of the cheesy statement. but with liam's birth, came the sudden difference between harper and herself. arguments, destructive words tossed back and forth. things became a problem and they were starting to turn dangerous. she took liam from him, without bating an eyelash and claimed sole custody over him. but she knew, that for all their differences harper loved his son and as painful as it was for her to know what it was like to be separated from ones family: she agreed to let him see liam only a few times out of the month.

learning to adapt: she moved to new york, starting out a new forward path in her life. she attended community college, earning a high enough grade average for her to get into nursing school. the competitive environment reminded her of high school, drudging up those memories of drug use. she struggled, being a single mother with a growing toddler. she worked as a waitress, as a receptionist and doing whatever she could to pay her way through school. time came, she graduated a day before liam's fourth birthday. but she knew, that he missed his father and she applied for a position working for boston medical in hopes of reconnecting harper with his son.

welcome to boston: now, she lives in boston with a new job and learning the ropes of a new city. she takes care of her son on a regular basis, letting harper have him on the weekends here and there. she struggles still with the horror of her past life, not knowing that the same man who is a senator for the state of massachusetts is also the man who is her father.
⤑ full-name juliet rose ness
⤑ comicverse identity jade nguyen / cheshire
⤑ date of birth october 31st, 1991 (25)
⤑ birthplace seattle, washington
⤑ current residence boston, massachusetts
⤑ occupation lpn @ boston medical
⤑ relationship status single
⤑ sexual orientation kinsey 2.5
⤑ nationality french, american
⤑ children liam roy (4 years old)
⤑ pet(s) meowster
cheshire during the vietnam war, american soldier Robert Pullman, had an affair with a Vietnamese woman. He left her pregnant with a child who would later become one of the deadliest and feared assassins on the planet. the girl was named jade, and spent ten years of her childhood being raised by her mother alone until they became separated. ten years old, jade wandered through asia trying to get back home. eventually, she was kidnapped by slavers and sold to the highest bidder. struggling with torments of being a slave, jade killed her master and swore that no man would ever rule her. sometime after the escape, she encountered wen ch'ang, a freedom fighter and former member of the wwii blackhawk squadron. the man took her under his wing and taught her everything he knew about guerrilla warfare. he would eventually come to unofficially adopting her. by the age of sixteen, she married kruen musenda, an african assassin known as spitting cobra. through him she learned everything there was about poisons. two years later, it turned out that the student surpassed the master and she poisoned him which resulted in his death. after his death, she took the mantle of cheshire and began her career as an assassin. a few years later, she would learn that her biological father was abusing her mother and she would seek out her revenge upon him.

being a rival to the teen titans, but this changed when roy harper (speedy) was ordered by the government to gain her trust and then turn her over to the authorities. the two fell passionately in love. she did not know his true identity at the time. roy also didn't want to put her in danger and also wasn't able to turn her in. so, he walked out on her with not explanation. what he didn't know was that she was pregnant with his child. she gave birth to lian harper, who jade loved but could not care for due to her mercenary ways. she later left lian behind to be raised by roy, partially due to the love she still felt for him. jade eventually returned to her mercenary ways, saving deathstroke so he would aid her in a plot to steal nuclear weapons from russia to obliterate the middle east country of qurac. these plans failed when her base became under attack and she had to flee. cheshire eventually created her own team of like minded women known as the ravens.

eventually, she joined ranks with vandal savage's team, tartarus, focused on destroying the titans once and for all. during a confrontation with them and hive, savage shot cheshire to distract roy. she recovered, but because of her crimes, she was taken into custody and sentenced to life imprisonment. the ravens broke her out but roy forced her back in. she was later recruited for the secret six, having relations with catman, and becoming pregnant again. but when she betrayed her team to lex luthor, she was shot and critically wounded by deathstroke. though she seemed to be dead, she showed up alive in the himalayas with her and blake son's, thomas black jr. putting aside her differences, she started to work savage again, putting hits on the members of the secret six. eventually, she took matters into her own hands and stabbed the mad hatter with a poisoned knife. she bartered the antidote with catman for her own safety. in the end, she was in jail and later seen being visited by roy and lian.
incentives toxicology
martial arts

cheshire outfit
poisoned claws
teleportation device

memories of cheshire
memories of secret six
memories of the ravens

comicverse tie-ins same nationalities
father and mother share the same names
has a young child
had a relationship with roy harper
does not know that her mother is alive

point of canon jade nguyen is pulled from new earth with ties to prime earth.
miscellaneous facts
personality traits

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